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The Woman who Inspired Fashion

We all have someone in our life who inspires us. For me, it is my grandmother... or as we affectionally call her, Gigi! My Gigi is a lady of class and fashion and has been my whole life. I can remember her flying in to visit when I was a preteen. Her perfect legs entered the room wearing stiletto boots, black legging pants and some kind of sparkly fashionable blouse on top and screamed I am the most fabulous grandma of the 1980's. However her personality enters the room first, still to this day. Whether it is her thoughtfully selected, normally all black outfit, matching jewelry and a hat ensemble or her big beautiful smile and greeting. To me they go together like peanut butter and jelly. She just is Fashion to me and the memorable impressions left an imprint on my beliefs about style that will never leave my heart and soul.

She always gave me the best presents at holidays and birthdays growing up... usually clothes. And not just any clothes, great clothes! My favorite was a purple sueded skirt, with a matching vest. She also included a striped black, pink and purple striped turtleneck and purple tights to go with it. Every time I wore that outfit I felt put together and confident. This is a great example of why I love fashion and beauty to this day. It is not that I feel I NEED to dress up and wear makeup everyday... it is that I enjoy doing those things. I love feeling like the best version of myself. It helps me exude confidence and feel comfortable in my own skin. And this unexplainable sensation is why I love helping others find their definition of beauty too through makeup artistry. When you look good on the outside, it translates to feeling good on the outside and happy looks good on everyone!


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