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Hello warmer weather and bridal season!

While thinking about those hot temperatures there are several things to consider when it comes to bridal make up. Most weddings in the warmer months tend to be mostly indoors however if you find yourself outside let’s talk about make up and melt down prevention. I can’t overstate the value of a good foundation primer, eye primer, as well as a proven finishing spray to keep you looking flawless all day. Another great item to have on warmer days are beauty blotters, these little linen tissues are perfect to keep unwanted shine at bay so you can stay looking matte and refreshed. These are all staples in my make up bag for special occasions...oh heck who am I kidding?! I use them every day! lol. But I digress... These are just a couple of great tips to remember this spring and summer. But the most important tool to have in your bridal beauty bag is a fabulous make up artist! Would love to have the opportunity to work with you on your most special day. Please reach out anytime so we can discuss your beauty needs.

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