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Let's Talk Lashes!!!

To Lash or Not to Lash can be the question for some brides... for others the only question is how big should I go?! This is where a trial can be immensely helpful. You can take those babies for a test drive first to see how you like them. In my 24 years of experience 99.9% of people fall in love immediately with the look and are soooo glad they decided to take the lash plunge.

So what to expect? As your makeup artist, I will be your lash buddy and guide you through each step of application and wear so you are confident and comfortable, no worries. We will select the perfect lash for you and trim if needed for a custom fit.

We talk through every step so you are feeling good about the process and when we are done your lashes will live together in peace and harmony until you part ways at the end of the day. Easy Peasy! Some of my favorite lashes I use are Ardell brand. A trusty lash are always the Demi wispies, one of my favorite go tos! But if you are extra, try the double demi wispies. There are also regular wispies if you have longer lashes already. Another yummy option are the faux mink lashes, they are a super rich dark black color but are also fluffy.

Now those of you reading this because you are just not sure a lash is for you, let me talk to you about why you may want to reconsider. The eyes are the window into the soul and the cherry on top of the bridal look sundae! Framing them with a fluffy fan of fabulous really allows them to stand out on top of the sea of light and white colors a bride typically wears. Couple that with getting those eye to pop for the camera in pictures, lashes can make a tremendous difference. Even adding a lovely smaller lash like a 110 can be comfortable yet still impactful.

However the best reason to wear a lash is for you! Do it because it makes you feel beautiful. It is your wedding day after all, you do you!


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